MAR 28. New video for the third movement of CUATRO INSTANTES for solo guitar (2005/rev.2018). It was recorded in Mar/2021, and I will be recording the remaining two movements as well during the next couple weeks. Images from Brødeskov woods. Click on the image to see the video!

DEC 23. I recently came across this recording from my final exam concert as I was finishing my studies at The Royal Danish Academy of Music, back in 2009. The music is Dusan Bogdanovic‘s master work Crow (1990) originally written as a ballet in 6 movements and based on Ted Hughes‘ gripping poetry. My deep gratitude to Helene Gjerris (mezzo soprano) Viveca Löfgren (flute/alto flute) & Joel González (bass) for their hearts, minds and hands to this project. Click on the picture to see the video!

DEC 1. New video for the first movement of CUATRO INSTANTES for solo guitar (2005/rev.2018). It is a visual accompaniment to the music, which was written many years ago and revised recently. It was recorded in Nov/2020 and I will be recording the following 3 movts. as well during the following weeks. Images from the garden: Brassica olaracea (Daubenton). Click on the picture to see the video!

Alfredo Moreleón in his studio

NOV 15. I will be joining Joel and Julie from Duo Undertoner in an homage to Mexican composer Alfredo Moreleón who passed away recently. Alfredo was a a pioneer of the Mexican community in Denmark, and he was loved and is missed by many of us who like him have decided to make this country our home. The concert is organised by Køge Klassisk and begins 15.00 hrs. at Teaterbygningens Musikcafé in Køge.

Benjamin Britten

OCT 22. I will be performing my arrangements of 3 songs by Benjamin Britten together with Mikkel Tuxen. We will play THE SALLEY GARDENS, LITTLE SIR WILLIAM, and CA’ THE YOWES which I arranged in 2016 and premiered with Mikkel back then. I’ll also be playing a movement from CUATRO INSTANTES for solo guitar, and the program includes Rheinberger’s 6 Religiöse Gesänge op. 157, for barytone and organ. Holmens Kirkegårds Kapel 16.00 hrs.

AUG 18. Premiere of AND SLEEP (2017) for viola & piano. Thanks to the fantastic Manuel and Mina for premiering this adaptation of the earlier viola & accordion version in Nærum Adventistkirke. Beautiful concert, thanks to Rudersdal Chamber Players and Rudersdal Sommerkoncerter for this collaboration!

Manuel Esperilla & Mina Fred
Presenting the piece with Christine Pryn


NOV 9. Premier of MARCOVALDO AL SUPERMARKET for guitar sextet! The piece is the fourth movement of SUITE MARCOVALDO – secondo anno (2019) commissioned by the Mexican ensemble Contemporata under the direction of the fantastic Carlos Martinez Larrauri. My deep gratitude to Carlos and Tomás Barreiro for one more heartwarming collaboration. Many thanks as well to Statens Kunstfond for making this commission possible with their support.

OCT 10. Farewell and all the best to CRAS Ensemble ! After 2 years as member of this fantastic project, I have decided to take a break from our present collaboration in order to focus in some personal projects. We will be playing a concert on October the 10th in Koncertkirken, where we will premier the ensemble’s own commission 6 Senses Suite (2019) followed by Jan-Inge Wijk’s 30-minute tour de force Out of the Cage (1994-95/2003). All the best to Uffe Hansen with the ensemble and thanks to Henrik, Mikkel, Jacob, Søren and Peter for all the work we did together and for their friendships – I take so much good with me and I’ll be looking forward to see what this cutting-edge group of talent will try next! (photo: Trine Phil Stanley)

OCT 1. After several years in the making, I’m happy to announce our album OLD LIGHT – Music by J.S. Bach will be released on October 1st. Matias Seibæk and I are looking forward to this project seeing the light of day, and it will be available on all digital services starting on that day as well as the Gateway Music portal from October 15th. The album consists of my own arrangements for guitar and marimba/vibraphone of Bach’s English Suite no.2, BWV 807 and the Prelude & Fugue BWV 870, as well as my transcription of BWV 995. Our thanks and gratitude to Augustinus Fonden and Solistforeningen af 1921 for making this project possible!

with Matias Seibæk

JUN 6. KIRSTEN KJÆRS MUSEUM / CRAS Ensemble performs Out of the Cage (1994-95/2003) by Jan Inge Wijk. Works by Gutiérrez Bolio, Eespere & Winterbottom. Langvadvej 64, 7741 Frøstrup 16.00hrs (photo: Trine Phil Stanley)

Italo Calvino

APR 2. Thanks to Dansk Komponist Forening for supporting my project SUITE MARCOVALDO (terzo anno). This piece is based on and inspired by the book Marcovaldo, written by the amazing Italo Calvino in 1963. Calvino’s writing is the perfect mixture between fantasy and realism, always showing tenderness and humanity for this protagonist’s misfortunes. The book is structured in an introduction by the author followed by 20 chapters – each one being one of the four seasons through 5 years. My suite takes this structure, where each of the ‘years’ is written for guitar solo or different guitar ensemble. This third chapter (third year) will be written for solo guitar. Click on the link above for more info on the suite.

FEB 10. LUND CONTEMPORARYCRAS Ensemble performs music by Eespere, Gutiérrez Bolio & Winterbottom. Universitetsplatsen, Paradisgatan 5, 22350 Lund. 14.00hrs.


DEC 13. CRAS Ensemble will perform a celebration concert for Estonian composer Rene Eespere in connection to his 65 year birthday. The program will include several of his works for sextet and solo guitar, as well as my own THINKING SONGS (2018) and a new and quite fun piece by Danish composer Lasse Winterbottom. The program will also be performed as part of Lund Contemporary in the city of Lund in Sweden. (photo: Trine Phil Stanley)

SEP 28DEC 6. Dúo LUX-CHORDARUM will be playing a series of concerts across continents titled Hermosas y fragantes flores, including music by Ernesto García de León, Ariel Waller y José Luis Segura Maldonado among others. The duo of guitarist José Luis Segura Maldonado and soprano Luz María Rivera will be performing BAJO TU CLARA SOMBRA (2008) for voice and guitar as part of their program. Many thanks to Lux-Chordarum for all their work and enthusiasm for this piece!

APR 18. CRAS Ensemble ready to launch! A new guitar sextet formed by Copenhagen based guitarists Henrik Bay Hansen, Mikkel Egelund Nielsen, Jacob Nørrelund, Søren Eriksen, Mathias Klarlund & myself. We will be playing our debut presentation at Koncertkirken in Nørrebro, where the program will include music by René Eespere, JanZInge Wijk, Per Dybro Sørensen & GutiérrezBolio among others. Join us for our birthday concert and see what this new group is all about. (photo: Trine Phil Stanley)


NOV 27. I will be playing with Danish ensemble EKKOZONE to perform the instrumental movements in Pierre Boulez’s iconic piece Le Marteau sans maítre (1952-53). This monster of a piece is a real feast for the ears, mind and no less, the fingers! My highest respect for this masterpiece of a work and for its creator.

OCT 12. Duo Lux Chordarum performs BAJO TU CLARA SOMBRA (2008) for voice and guitar at the XXXIX Foro Internacional de Música Nueva Manuel Enríquez. Many thanks to José Luis Segura Maldonado and Lucy Rivera for making this possible. An honor to once more be part of such an important forum for the promotion of new music in Mexico.

FEB 13. Premier of SUITE MARCOVALDO – primo anno (2015) dedicated to Copenhagen Guitar Duo. I will be joining the one and only Allan Sjølin from CGD for the first performance of the piece. This work is inspired and based on Italo Calvino’s Marcovaldo (1963) which portrays the tragicomic adventures and mis-ventures of its main character.


OCT 4. MÁS MÚSICA MÍSTICA – In Memoriam Max Jardow Pedersen (2010) to be performed at the XXXVIII Foro Internacional de Música Nueva Manuel Enríquez. Many thanks to José Luis Segura Maldonado and the Cuarteto de Guitarras de la Cd. de México for their enthusiasm and work.

Cuarteto de Guitarras de la Cd. de México

MAR 15 / MAY 29. Kammerkoret CAMERATA premieres two movements from 4 BIRD SONGS (2013) commissioned by the ensemble and made possible thanks to the support of The Danish Arts Foundation. The concerts will be in two different and beautiful settings – Rundetårn and Esajas Kirke in Copenhagen, and the program will also include my own arrangements of 3 songs by Benjamin Britten as well as his masterpiece – Nocturnal Op.70 from 1963.

APR 20. KØBENHAVNS RÅDHUS – Udstillingen Energi, med Rama King Nash (MEX/DK) Musik af Dowland & Britten. Rådhuspladsen 1, 1532 København, 13.00 hrs. (private arrangement) 

JAN 9. Solo concert at Mantziusgården in Birkerød. Thanks to Ny Musik Birkerød for the invitation to this event together with Danish author Lone Hørslev.


Church of Our Lady, Copenhagen
with Matias Seibæk

NOV 27. GONG TOMORROW – Concert with the Danish composer collective DYGONG & percussionist Matias Seibæk. Music by Christian Winther Christensen.  Vor Frue Kirke, Pilestræde 67, 1112 København K  20.00 hrs

NOV 11. KONCERTKIRKEN – Solo concert, with works by Gutiérrez Bolio, Manuel M. Ponce, H. Villalobos & J.S. Bach.

JUL 18. FREDERIKSVÆRK MUSIKFESTIVAL – I’ll be sitting in with Trio ZOOM for the performance of Dutch icon Louis Andriessen‘s HOUT from 1991 – a tour de force, 4 voice canon that pushes the players to their utmost concentration. Gjethuset, Frederiksværk.

MAR 24. KONCERTKIRKEN – Concert with the fabulous Danish flutist Sofia Kayaya. Music by Astor Piazolla, Dusan Bogdanovic & Gutiérrez Bolio.

MAR 7. Thanks to Pulsar Festival for the invitation to be part of this event. Joining forces with Danish guitarist Allan Sjølin on the mandolin and Swedish harpist Ysella Almquist for a performance of Hans Werner Henze‘s Carillon, Récitatif & Masque.

FEB 4. MOBIUS TRIO performs THINKING SONGS (2014) at the AKADEMIE FÜR TONKUNST DARMSTADT. This commission was made possible thanks to the support of the Danish Arts Foundation.

with Jesper Sivebæk & Henrik Bay Hansen

JAN 18. SOFIEBADET – Concert with Trio Sanza & Visti Hald in the charming, and refreshing surroundings of Sofiebadet in the heart of Christianshavn. The bathhouse presents its ongoing concert-series for which the quartet will play a program of works by Händel, Hindemith, Bizet and Agustín Lara.


NOV 19. Festival Instrumenta Oaxaca presents the premiere of SILENCIO (2014). This commission was made possible thanks to the support of the Danish Arts Foundation. Scored for mezzo-soprano, flute, violin and prepared guitar, the piece will be part of the festival’s tribute to the Mexican Nobel Prize Octavio Paz.

NOV 2. SOUNDS OF MEXICO presents concerts in KoncertKirken/Copenhagen, Instituto Cervantes Utrecht and Haagse Kunstkring/The Hague. A program with Santiago Lascurain of Mexican music for guitar duo, including Mario Lavista, Tomás Barreiro and the premiere of CUENTO DE UN DÍA (2014) for two prepared guitars.

with Santiago Lascurain & Sofia Kayaya

OCT 11. MOBIUS TRIO premiers THINKING SONGS (2014) at the SFCM Guitar Department 50th Anniversary Concert.  What an honor! The trio will be performing the piece through the following weeks at the Center for New Music, the New England Classical Guitar Society and Noe Valley Chamber Music. This commission was made possible thanks to the support of the Danish Arts Foundation.

Octavio Paz

SEP 3. Thanks to the Literature Department at The University of Copenhagen for a special invitation to perform my CUATRO INSTANTES (2005/2018) within this conference celebrating Mexican Nobel prize winning author Octavio Paz. The piece’s 4 movements are each related to a fragment of poetry by Paz, which will be recited together with the music.

Trio Sanza with Visti Hald

MAY 25. VESTERVANG KIRKE – Concert with Trio Sanza & Visti Hald in Helsingør. Music by Rossini, G.F. Händel, Berlioz & Hindemith.

MAR 23. FREDERIKSBERG SLOTSKIRKE – Solo concert. Music by Manuel M. Ponce, H. Villalobos, Dusan Bogdanovic, J.S. Bach and Gutiérrez Bolio.

photo: Armando Báez


DEC 17. CHRIST THE KING LUTHERAN CHURCH. Solo concert. Music by Manuel M. Ponce, H. Villalobos, Dusan Bogdanovic, J.S. Bach and Gutiérrez Bolio. Thanks to the fantastic Mexican visual artist Bayo (Eduardo Flores) for his design.

OCT 16. ÅRHUS GUITAR FESTIVAL Solo concert. Music by Manuel M. Ponce, H. Villalobos, Dusan Bogdanovic, J.S. Bach and Gutiérrez Bolio. Helsingør Theater – Den Gamle By in Århus.

OCT 11. GALLERI OXHOLM Solo presentation in collaboration with Mexican/Danish artist Rama King Nash.

Rama King Nash

OCT 3. SOPHIENHOLM – Solo presentation in collaboration with Mexican/Danish artist Rama King Nash. Music by Manuel M. Ponce, H. Villalobos, Dusan Bogdanovic, J .S. Bach and Gutiérrez Bolio.

AUG 15. TIVOLI KONCERTSAL – Joining Copenhagen Phil for a program of film music, where I will perform part of Ennio Morricone‘s iconic soundtrack to Once upon a time in the West.

JUL 35. SOMMARTÓNAR concert tour in the Faroe Islands with Danish percussionist Matias Seibæk & trombonist Andras Span Olsen. Music by Wayne Siegel, Mauro Patricelli, Kristian Blak & Gutiérrez Bolio.

The Faroe Islands

MAY 25. KLANG FESTIVAL – performance of Points One by Alexander Schubert. In collaboration with Athelas Sinfonietta and conducted by the wonderful Pierre-André Valade.

photo: Alexander Banck-Pedersen

APR 18/26. David Tanenbaum & the SFCM Guitar Ensemble premier 3 DESPERTARES for guitar sextet & double bass. Many thanks to David and the ensemble for the sincere engagement and serious amount of work put into this project! The piece will be performed as well as part of the Tangents Guitar Series in San Francisco.

FEB 13. WATER CYCLES (Gateway Music 2013) Release! Music by Ivan Olsen, Mauro Patricelli & Santiago Gutiérrez Bolio.