SUITE MARCOVALDO is based on and inspired by Cuban-Italian author Italo Calvino’s book Marcovaldo from 1963. The book tells the story of Marcovaldo, the tragicomic protagonist who lives in the city with his wife and children, and constantly daydreams about a better life. His constant craving for a life closer to nature (as well as his resentment for his real circumstances) put him through the wildest situations, in which the hope for change is ignited only to always fall back into the grasp of reality. Calvino’s writing is the perfect mixture between fantasy and realism, always showing tenderness and humanity for the protagonist’s misfortunes. The book is structured in an introduction by the author followed by 20 chapters – each one being one of the four seasons through 5 years. My suite takes this structure, where each of the ‘years’ is written for guitar solo or different guitar ensemble. The first year is written for guitar duo (primo anno) and the second for guitar sextet (secondo anno), of which I have also made and arrangement for a larger guitar ensemble. The remaining years will be written for guitar solo, trio and quartet. Just like in the book itself, the chapters do not have a specific chronological order – this gives flexibility in terms of programming or performing the movements from the suite.

Italo Calvino