DANZA BRUJA or ‘Witch dance’ was written during my studies at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. The general sound of the piece is inspired by the beautiful acoustics of the St. Francis of Assisi Shrine in the North Beach neighbourhood, where I had the chance to perform some music at the time. The idea behind writing this duo was to make the two guitars sound as one single instrument. I turned to a compositional technique from medieval polyphony called ‘Hoquetus’ (hiccup), through which a given melodic line would be dissected into small fragments, and the fragments distributed throughout the different voices. When the voices were performed together, one could hear the complete melody going through the different parts. In terms of structure, the piece is divided in 3 main sections: An opening dance that inverts the material between the two instruments, and is interrupted by a chorale section. The resonance from the chords gives way to a canto that builds upon itself, and eventually reaches the a restatement of the dance. This piece is dedicated to my dear friend and teacher Dusan Bogdanovic, its title comes from the initials of his name. The piece has been published by Bérben – Edizioni Musicali now managed by Edizioni Curci.