CUATRO INSTANTES (Four Instants) was first composed in 2005 but revised in 2018.  Each one of its four movements is connected to a short fragment of text by Mexican renowned author Octavio Paz, and every fragment contains the word instant in it.  The first talks about transformation – how something can show itself in different guises, sometimes calm, other times explosive.  The second fragment describes an inner search, and the music tries to express how a cyclical idea builds up and develops around itself, like some sort of snowball-effect.  The third fragment juxtaposes the ideas of movement and stasis – one can hear an ostinato throughout that is constantly enveloped by a dancing motif.  The last movement is the most meditative of all.  It is marked Lento e sempre poco rallentando, and besides being a concluding after-thought for the previous three movements, it tries to express the idea explored in its corresponding text of timeless eternity.