3 DE MASITA, PREPARADAS is recorded in Water Cycles (GATEWAY Music, 2013). It is written in three movements, each having a different degree of preparation: Misterioso, ritmico (prepared 6th string), Quasi improvisando (prepared 6th and 4th strings) and Deciso, con motto (prepared 6th, 4th, and 1st strings). The piece should be played attacca, with just enough time between the movements to prepare each new string. For the preparation, I have used a small amount of ‘Blu-Tack’ a soft and flexible adhesive that can very easily be found in any office-supplies store. I have performed this piece in different places and in quite different conditions. Still, the relationship between the tones I suggest and the preparation of the instrument while following these indications has been considerably stable. These performances have been done only with my own instrument though, and I hope that the information I have included in the score will guide other players to make any pertinent corrections and to look for alternative fingerings hopefully only in a few instances. Please refer to the Notes on the score and preparation of the guitar for for details on the preparation and scoring.